June 2014 Auction Recap

Onto June’s highlights. First up was Bonhams’ sale in Greenwich, Connecticut. The top sale there was a crazy sum for this 1975 Lamborghini Countach LP400 Periscipica. The price? $1,210,000. Yikes!

Photo - Bonhams

Photo – Bonhams

The legendary Fitch Phoenix brought $253,000. And our featured Stoddard-Dayton sold for $170,500. This cool 1927 Essex Super Six Boattail Speedabout caught my eye for $55,000.

Photo - Bonhams

Photo – Bonhams

Our featured De Dion-Bouton went for $93,500. And the 1911 Reo Express sold for $22,000. Click here for full results.Next up, more from Bonhams – their June Oxford sale. The top seller at this auction was this 1966 Aston Martin DB6 for $228,692.

Photo - Bonhams

Photo – Bonhams

Both of our featured Beans sold, the Omnibus for $42,574. And the Model 6 Short 14 brought $23,222. The Jaguar FT Coupe failed to sell. Interesting cars were topped by this 1927 Hispano-Suiza T49 27HP Weymann Saloon by H.J. Mulliner for $96,760.

Photo - Bonhams

Photo – Bonhams

Our featured Diatto sold for $69,667 and the DRA Special brought $58,056. Click here for complete results.

Hey, guess who’s next? That’s right: Bonhams. This time, the incredible Michael Banfield collection of early automobiles and commercial vehicles. What should’ve been the two top-sellers, the Mors and the Talbot, both failed to sell. The top sale actually ended up being this 1914 Rolls-Royce 40/50hp Silver Ghost Landaulette by Barker that went for $709,250.

Photo - Bonhams

Photo – Bonhams

I guess I can rundown all of the commercial vehicles we featured, starting with the “deals” – those that missed hitting the lower end of their estimates:

Here are those that hit right in their estimates:

Again, three of them hit their targets. But those that exceeded their pre-sale estimates tended to do so quite spectacularly, for example:

Check out full results here. Next up is Mecum’s inaugural Seattle sale where this 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible blew everything else away, selling for $3,500,000.

Photo - Mecum

Photo – Mecum

While I was looking through the results from this sale, I noticed that there were cars that were failing to meet their reserves at insane prices. If you don’t think the collector car market is a massive bubble likely to burst at any time, look out. It could be months, or more likely, years, but another correction is on its way. Just sayin’!

H&H’s sale at Rockingham Castle feature one of our feature cars – a 1922 Renault, which failed to sell. The top sale here was an impressive $223,000 for this 1960 Jaguar XK150 S Coupe – that has been in storage since the 1980s! Barn find sales are going a little crazy lately, don’t you think?

Photo - H&H Auctions

Photo – H&H Auctions

That was a record price for an XK150 (that stood for a few weeks until Bonhams beat it later in the month) – and it still needs to be restored. My mind is blown. Check out full results here. Russo & Steele’s Newport Beach sale featured this 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS Targa for what seemed like a relative steal based on recent Dino sales: $321,750. Check here for full results.

Photo - Russo & Steele

Photo – Russo & Steele

The top sale from Osenat’s June sale was a car I was going to feature, but didn’t: the 1954 Jaguar Mk VII Convertible by Ghia-Aigle. It’s a super-sporty version of the Jaguar Mk VII that looks downright Ferrari-ish in its design. It sold for $231,200.

Photo - Osenat

Photo – Osenat

Our featured 1929 Aries also sold, but for a much less $50,320. Check out full results here. And the final highlight from June, Bonhams’ Goodwood Festival of Speed sale where they managed to sell this 1954 Ferrari for $18,315,846! The #2 top sale was another of our feature cars, the 1902 De Dietrich for $1,700,349. Another million dollar feature car was the ex-Graham Hill Lotus 49B for $1,147,135.

A few of our feature cars failed to sell, among them the Aston Martin Atom, the Aston Martin Ulster, and the Nissan R87E. This sale was a little discouraging in that prices seem to have reached near-ridiculous levels. Why are Lamborghini Countach’s now $1.5 million cars? And Jaguar XK150s and E-Types selling for $350,000? The people paying these prices are going to get burned (you heard it here). It’s aggravating as it drives people out of the collector car hobby.

That said, this 1957 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk II is my favorite of the model I’ve ever seen. It sold for $120,828.

Photo - Bonhams

Photo – Bonhams

Our other feature cars sold as such: the 1938 Alta brought $336,390, the Felday prototype sold for $56,844, and the 1939 Darracq went for $122,735. Click here for full results.g

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