Koenigsegg Special One

2010 Koenigsegg CCXR Special One

For Sale at Alain Class Motors | Dubai, U.A.E.

Photo – Alain Class Motors

Can we just state the obvious here and say that this car is just plain beautiful. I can see how some people might say that it’s garish, but supercars are supposed to be gaudy to some degree. This thing – from the design, to the beautiful blue color and carbon fiber accents, to the wheels, to the missing roof, to the big spoiler – it is just perfect. It’s almost unreal, looking more like a made up supercar from a video game than something you’d actually see on the road. But I think that’s the point.

The Koenigsegg CCX (and its derivatives) were on sale between 2006 and 2010. The CCXR was the “eco” model of the CCX. Eco is kind of misleading: it can run on E85 or “standard” 98 octane fuel. The engine is a twin-supercharged 4.7-liter V-8 that, when fueled with an ethanol blend, will pump out a ludicrous 1,018 horsepower. Top speed is listed as “in excess of 250 mph” and 60 arrives in just 3.1 seconds. Only a handful of cars ever built can attain this kind of performance.

Only 48 CCXs were built of all types. This car is a standard CCXR (not one of the two Special Edition cars) but it is a one off in its features and color and name. There is a roof should you find it necessary to drive it in the rain. It was built for a member of the royal family of Qatar but was road registered in London at one point and is now for sale in Dubai. You’ll need to inquire here for price.

Aspira F620

2010 Aspira F620

Offered by Coys | London, U.K. | March 8, 2016

Photo - Coys

Photo – Coys

Aspira Cars UK was just that – aspirational. The car was built in 2010 by Henry Nickless and Craig Gillingham after two years of development. When it was completed it was road-registered as a low volume production car. And when we say low volume, we mean low volume. Only one was built.

It is powered by a 6.2-liter GM V-8 making 480 horsepower. The engine is mid-mounted and the whole car weighs a little over 2,000 pounds thanks to an abundance of carbon fiber. The interior is pretty nice and it is right hand drive.

Whether or not series production was ever intended we can’t say, but as a one-of-one supercar it joins the ranks of failed supercar projects worldwide. It’s an elite – but not very exclusive- list. For the great looks and performance this car offers, the price isn’t exorbitant: there’s an estimate of $86,000-$115,000. We love our supercars, so count us in. Click here for more info and here for more from this sale.

Update: $126,110.

Ferrari 599XX

2010 Ferrari 599XX

Offered by RM Auctions | Lake Como, Italy | May 25, 2013

2010 Ferrari 599XX

Every once in a while – more so lately than ever – Ferrari goes about building some ridiculous race-going variant of one of their road-going models. They aren’t street legal but they look like they could be. They build the cars, sell them, and offer track days to go with ownership. This car is eligible for Ferrari track events all over the world.

The 599XX is the balls-to-the-wall track variant of the 599 GTB Fiorano. This version was produced for 2009 and 2010 while the Fiorano was built from 2006 through 2012. In 2011 Ferrari would up the stakes even more by offering an “Evolution” package for the 599XX. But let’s stick with what we’ve got.

And what we’ve got is the 6.0-liter V-12 with horsepower upped to 720. Ferrari threw everything they had at this car to make it faster around the track. It was faster around the Nürburgring than the Enzo and faster around Ferrari’s test track than super-Enzo: the FXX. It was about as fast as Ferrari’s Formula One lap record at the Nürburgring from the 1970s.

This car is eligible for the Evo upgrade and is a one owner car that has seen a track only once. In fact, it has been stored at the Maranello factory its entire life. It is one of only 29 built and it’s basically brand new. The brand new price for a 599XX in 2010? $1,500,000.  The pre-sale estimate? $1,000,000-$1,400,000. Click here for more info and here for more from RM in Italy.

Update: Sold $1,193,920.

A One-of-a-Kind Pagani Zonda

2003 Pagani Zonda C12 7.3 S/F

Offered by Bonhams | Brooklands, U.K. | December 3, 2012

The Pagani Zonda began like so many ill-fated attempts at supercar production – as a dream and sketch by its designer, Horacio Pagani. The company was founded seven years prior to production beginning. But that time wasn’t wasted and Pagani wasn’t just any junior high kid wanting to go fast. He was already rich and had a lot of techncial know-how, having worked at Lamborghini and owning his own composite research company that made him a lot of money. The Zonda is a legitimate supercar – and a legitimate car.

The Zonda was well-designed and it is supercar pretty and supercar fast. This one owner car was built in 2003 as a Zonda S 7.3, which used a 7.3-liter AMG-built V12 making 547 horsepower. It could do 208 mph and cost around $500,000. This was the bread and butter Zonda variant. However, in 2009 this car was involved in an accident and sent back to Pagani for repairs. While being repaired, it was also updated/upgraded to Zonda F specification (it is listed as a 2003/2010). Other limited-edition Zonda models were also in production and bits and pieces of some of them were included on this car, including pieces from the Zonda Cinque and Tricolore.

Power is now at 594 horsepower and the upgrades cost a whopping 77% of the original purchase price! It is truly a one-of-a-kind Zonda, a model that is now out of production. The pre-sale estimate is $800,000-$950,000. For more information and photos, click here. And for the rest of Bonham’s auction lineup, click here.

Update: Did not sell.

Spyker C8

2010 Spyker C8 Spyder SWB

Offered by Barrett-Jackson | Palm Beach, Florida | April 7, 2012

The Spyker C8 is the most popular model from Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker. In fact, it is the only model from the company to really get going, production-wise (the C12 sold about two-dozen copies).

Introduced in 2000, the C8 features an Audi-sourced V8 of 4.2 liters, pumping out 400 horsepower. It’s pretty quick too, sprinting to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. The car being offered here is two years old, but essentially brand new, having only covered six (6) miles.

The original Spyker company, which began as a coach builder, began producing automobiles in 1900. The company was quite innovative, producing the world’s first four-wheel drive car in 1903 (or, the first four-wheel drive car with a single engine. Ferdinand Porsche technically built the first four-wheel drive vehicle, with a motor at each wheel). Four-wheel brakes and a six-cylinder engine were other Spyker firsts. When World War I came around, the company began producing aircraft engines.

It is this aeronautical link to history from which the new Spyker company derives its logo. Also, their interiors are second to none in the highly-exclusive supercar world. Check this out:

There are some aircraft touches in there, from the dash switches to the world’s coolest shifter. I really do like the way these cars look. Some supercars are wild just to be wild, but this one is beautiful. It’s a shame that Spyker got tangled up in the mess that was/is Saab. I just hope these cars can continue to come out.

Brand new, this car would run about $225,000. And this one is essentially brand new. For the complete catalog description, click here and for the entire Palm Beach lot list, click here.

Update: Sold, $220,000.