Replicar Cursor

1985 Replicar Cursor

Offered by Brightwells | Leominster, U.K. | June 10, 2015

Photo - Brightwells

Photo – Brightwells

First off, I’d like to point out that this car is called the Cursor, which is funny because it kind of looks like a computer mouse… with eyes. And three wheels. Yes, this is a three-wheeler and it was built by Replicar Limited of Kent.

It has a fiberglass body and a tubular steel chassis. The engine is a 49cc single-cylinder from a Suzuki moped that drives the lone rear wheel. Top speed is about 26 mph. Most of the cars were single-seaters, although there were less than 10 two-seaters built as well. I’m pretty sure you can technically register this as a moped in the U.K.

Production lasted from 1985 through 1987 with just over 100 built. It’s perfect for today, getting 90 mpg. There are actually two of these in this sale and they both with likely come cheap. Click here for more info and here for more from this sale.

Update: Sold $3,500.

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