Facel Vega Excellence

1960 Facel Vega Excellence

Offered by Artcurial | Paris, France | October 30, 2016

Photo - Artcurial

Photo – Artcurial

Facel S.A. was founded in 1939 in Paris (great timing!) to make aircraft components. In 1948, they started an automotive division and their first production cars appeared in 1954. The early two-door cars were sporty, stylish and the epitome of French style in the 1950s.

What’s usually forgotten is that Facel Vega produced a sedan. Between 1958 and 1964, they built the Excellence – a model with a name that leaves a lot to live up to. Built in three series, each had slight styling changes and a different engine. This is the most common of the three, the second series, which was built from late 1958 through the middle of 1961. It is powered by a 360 horsepower 5.9-liter Chrysler V-8.

Only 137 of the series two cars were built with only 156 examples of the Excellence produced in total before Facel Vega production ceased in 1964. This highly original example has been owned by the same guy since 1979. The Excellence is a full on powerful luxury sedan right there with the Bentleys, Lagondas, Rolls-Royces, and Maseratis of the day. Exceedingly rare, this one should bring between $90,000-$135,000. Click here for  more info and here for more from this sale.

Update: Not sold.

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