Allard J2R

1952 Allard J2R

Offered by Broad Arrow Auctions | Gloversville, New York | October 14-15, 2022

Photo – Broad Arrow Auctions

Allard is best remembered for its J2 and J2X sports cars. They were British-built and powered by American V8s. Styling incorporated cycle fenders, giving the car a near open-wheel look. J2s were popular race cars – even Carroll Shelby raced one back in the day.

The third and final iteration of the J2 was the J2R (sometimes called the JR), of which seven were built between 1953 and 1956. This car, as visible above, had more traditional 1950s sports car body work. Power in this example is provided by an overbored 5.4-liter Cadillac V8.

This was the last J2R built and is said to be the only one originally configured in left-hand drive (and was apparently the only one built with doors on both sides). Why it’s listed/titled as a 1952, I do not know. But it does have a pre-sale estimate of $400,000-$450,000. Click here for more info.

Update: Sold $527,500.

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