1917 Case Touring

1917 Case Model T Touring

Offered by Mecum | Kissimmee, Florida | January 2024

Photo – Mecum

Jerome Increase Case founded the J.I. Case Threshing Machine Company in 1842. By the end of the 1800s, they were one of the largest producers of steam traction engines. Gasoline-engined tractors appeared in 1895, and about 15 years later, they would parlay that knowledge into road cars.

Case-branded road cars were available from 1911 through 1927. The Model T of 1916 and 1917 was powered by a 40-horsepower, inline-four. Two body styles were offered in 1917, a roadster and a touring car, both retailing for $1,190.

The catalog only has four photos of this car, so there’s not much info to glean. It does look nice, especially on unpainted wood-spoke wheels. Click here for more info.

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