“C” Auto History

What You’ll Find Here:

A comprehensive list of every two-door car built since 1945 whose make begins with the letter ‘C’.

Cars featured on this page include:

Cadillac: Series 61, Series 62, Eldorado, Coupe DeVille, Series 6200, Calais, DeVille Convertible, Fleetwood Brougham, Fleetwood, Allante, XLR, CTS Coupe.
California: Sport Special.
Callaway: C7, C12, C16.
Camber: GT.
Campagna: T-Rex.
Caparo: T1.
Carbontech: Redback Spyder.
Cardi: Curara.
Carlton: Carrera, Acer.
Carver: One.
Caterham: Seven, JPE, 21, Blackbird, CSR.
Cavallo: Estivo.
Chevrolet: 150, 210, Bel Air, Corvette, Biscayne Coupe, Delray, Impala, Corvair, Chevy II, Chevelle, Caprice Coupe, Camaro, Firenza, Nova, Opala, Bel Air Sport Coupe, Monte Carlo, Caprice, Vega, Monza, Chevette, Caprice Classic, Malibu, Citation, Cavalier, Celebrity, Spectrum, Sprint, Calibra, Beretta, Astra, Lumina, Metro, Tigra, Celta, Aveo, Cobalt, Chevy.
Chinkara: Roadster 1.8S.
Chrysler: New Yorker, Saratoga, Windsor, Town & Country, Imperial, Newport, 300, Valiant, Charger, Cordoba, Avenger, LeBaron, Sunbeam, Laser, Conquest, Daytona, TC by Maserati, Neon, Sebring Coupe, Sebring Convertible, Viper, Prowler, Crossfire, PT Cruiser Convertible, 200 Convertible.
Cisitalia: 202, DF85.
Citroen: Bijou, DS Convertible, SM, FAF, LN, AX, ZX, Saxo, Chanson, Xsara, C2, C3 Pluriel, C4, C1, DS3.
Cizeta-Moroder: V16T.
Clan: Crusader, Clover.
Clenet: Series One.
Clipper: DeLuxe.
Clua: Sports Coupe.
Coldwell: GT.
Comarth: S1 Oly, X-Tamy.
Commonwealth: AR-1.
Concept: Centaur GT.
Connaught: L-Series.
Consulier: GTP.
Continental: Mark II.
Convair: GT, Mk I.
Cony: Guppy Sports, 360.
Cooper: T4, Bristol, Jaguar.
Corbin: Sparrow, Merlin.
Corsair: SR1, SR2.
Costin: Amigo.
Covini 6CW.
Cramer: Comet.
Crosley: Coupe, Hotshot Roadster, Super Sports.
CSC: Mk I, Mk III.
Cunningham: C2, C3.
Custoca: Hurrycane, Strato.

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