Edsel Bermuda

1958 Edsel Bermuda

Offered by Mecum | Houston, Texas | April 11, 2014

Photo - Mecum

Photo – Mecum

I love Edsels. I also love station wagons. Guess what I think of this car. That’s right – I love it. One great thing is the color combination. Woodies (even though this is fake wood on the side) look great when accented with certain colors – maroon, black, and teal being the chief among them.

The Edsel range was only in production for three model years: 1958, 1959, and 1960. The Bermuda was only built in 1958. It’s a four-door wagon that was available in six or nine-passenger variants. All are powered by a potent 5.9-liter V-8 making 303 horsepower. It was priced at $3,155.

Being a one-model-year-only car, only 2,235 Bermudas were built – and only 1,456 were the six-passenger version. Considering its production numbers, this wagon is probably more affordable than you’d think. You can read more here and check out the rest of Mecum’s Houston lineup here.

Update: Sold $55,000.