1952 Kleinschnittger F125

1952 Kleinschnittger F125 Convertible

Offered by Auctions America, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March 16-18, 2012

This Kleinschnittger (we recommend not trying to say that three times fast as you might actually injure yourself) is one of a handful of rare, interesting post-war European microcars that will cross the block at Auctions America’s Ft. Lauderdale event in March of 2012.

The model is an F125, the 125 standing for the 125cc single-cylinder engine (two-stroke) outputting a sporty 5.4 horsepower (that decimal is very important). A three-speed transmission will propel this 367 pound roadster to a blistering 43 mph.

In all seriousness, this car is quite interesting because not very many survive of the less than 3,000 that were built. There was an F250 follow-up model with a 250cc engine.

Kleinschnittger only existed between 1950 and 1957 in Germany so their cars never really had the chance to make a huge impact on the world. This car is small and cute – two characteristics that have proven to sell strongly at recent auctions. Christie’s sold one (back when they were still selling cars in 1997) for about $22,000. My guess is somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000. It’s in really nice shape and, well, apparently they don’t come up for auction but every 15 years.

Find out more about it here and more about Auctions America in Ft. Lauderdale, here.

Update: Sold $44,000.

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