1957 David Convertible

1957 David Convertible

Offered by Auctions America, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, March 16-18, 2012

Another microcar from Auctions America’s upcoming Ft. Lauderdale auction in the spring. This time, it’s a David – which was made in Barcelona from 1954 through 1958 (not much of a Spanish name is it?). Spain was a microcar hotbed in the 1950s with no less than four fairly significant manufacturers producing these little things. David wasn’t so big, having only produced 60 to 70 of these little convertibles.

The car is powered by a 345cc two-stroke single-cylinder engine making a whopping 10 horsepower. It will hit 42 mph, which I can only imagine is somewhat terrifying in this car. My lawn mower has larger wheels.

There aren’t but a handful of Davids left and cute definitely sells. But microcars have a limited appeal and a low price ceiling. Expect this to come in under $25,000. More info can be found here with more on the auction here.

Update: Sold $25,300.

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