An Unmodified Toyota Supra

1995 Toyota Supra

Offered by Mecum, Kissimmee, Florida, January 24-29, 2012

Yes, a late model Japanese sports car – not a swoopy French classic or a singing Ferrari V12 or a hunk of Detroit iron. No, this is a normal, everyday, Toyota Supra. So why is it featured here? Because it’s a normal, unmodified Supra.

Japanese cars are extremely tuner-friendly and the Supra was one of the go-to cars for people to make a statement with. It is very rare to see an unmolested Supra – the interior and exterior are clean and original. It even has the original wheels – one of the first things to go when a tuner gets their hands on it.

The Mark IV Supra was introduced in Japan in 1993 and lasted there until 2002. U.S. sales ended in 1998. There were different versions: a coupe, a targa, a naturally-aspirated engine and the optional twin-turbo unit which made 276 horsepower.

I’m a purist at heart and while custom cars have their place and own level of respectability, when you see nothing but customized versions of a certain model, it gets kind of exciting when you see a “normal” one.

I am unaware of the mileage, but I’d expect something between $20,000 and $30,000. These cars brought closer to $50,000 when new.

2 thoughts on “An Unmodified Toyota Supra

  1. First thing i would do is modify. You can easily and cheaply have a reliable 500 hp car that is perfect for everyday use and faster than my 911. Just change the oil and enjoy. A very nice low mileage car goes for $45k + not too many cars hold this kind of value heck it was $44k new. I’m 52 and would love one for weekend drives.

    • Why not just buy one already modified? And I’d have to disagree: there is nothing reliable about a “home built supercar”… I’ve seen people try and make their 3000GT or whatever a big horsepower tuner car and end up ruining it.

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