Horch 853

1938 Horch 853 Cabriolet

Offered by Artcurial | Paris, France | February 3, 2012

In 1909, August Horch was forced out of the company that bore his name. Instead of pouting about it, he moved across town & set up Audi. In 1932, Horch became part of Auto Union, with DKW, Wanderer, and Audi. Shortly thereafter, Horch introduced a new series available on three different sized wheelbases.

There was the 850, 851 and this, the largest, the 853. These were solid cars that rivaled the grand Mercedes-Benz 500K and 540K models. Horch 853s were driven by the top echelon of German citizenry – politicians, industrialists, etc.

This car features a 5.0 liter straight 8 engine making 105 horsepower. Performance was acceptable – capable of 80+ mph. But, apparently, this car was carved out of a block of lead – it weighs nearly three tons!

While the 853 A is more desirable (120 HP), this 853 is still quite rare and valuable. The coachwork is beautiful and these cars just look unflappably solid. Artcurial is set to auction this at Retromobile in Paris and they estimate it between $410,000-$490,000. Horchs don’t come up for sale very often so here’s your chance to own a brilliant automobile. Find out more about the car here and more about the Retromobile sale here.

Update: Sold $520,732.

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