A Sporty Turcat-Mery

1913 Turcat-Mery Model MJ Boulogne Roadster

For Sale by Fiskens | London, England

Photo - Fiskens

Photo – Fiskens

Turcat-Mery was a French automobile manufacturer that was actually around for a decent amount of time, but hardly anyone has heard of them. Their cars certainly don’t come up for sale often today – which is why, when I saw this one for sale at Fiskens (one of the world’s premier collector car dealers), I had to feature it.

The company was founded when two Mery brothers – and their brother-in-law, Leon Turcat – wanted to improve upon the Panhard et Levassor. Their first car went on sale in 1899. The company started competing in races in 1903 and won the inaugural Monte Carlo Rally in 1911.

Financial problems arose in 1921 and the company shut its doors in 1928. This gorgeous, sporty pre-war roadster uses a 6.1-liter straight-four. It is one of only a handful of models from this company left and is possibly the only MJ Roadster in existence. You can find out more (or buy it) here.

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