Iso Lele

1972 Iso Lele

Offered by Coys | Frankfurt, Germany | September 26, 2015

Photo - Coys

Photo – Coys

Renzo Rivolta re-founded the Iso refrigeration company in 1953 as an automotive company. Motorcycles came first, followed by the iconic Isetta – which would go on to be licensed all over the world. But in the 1960s and 70s, Iso produced a number of high performance cars.

The Lele was the final new car introduced by Iso and would be the last to leave production (alongside a version of the Grifo). Two models of the Lele were offered – one powered by a Chevrolet engine and one powered by a Ford engine. This car uses the 5.7-liter Ford V-8 making 326 horsepower.

It’s a 2+2, meaning it will seat four – making it more of a grand tourer than a muscle or sports car. This car is all original and had one owner from new until 2014. Only 285 were produced between 1969 an 1974. 135 of the base Ford V-8 models were produced, the most of any Lele sub-model. This one should bring between $100,000-$125,000. Click here for  more info and here fore the rest of Coys’ lineup.

Update: Not sold.

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