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    For minimal cost, you can place your advertisement on the page(s) of your choice. For sidebar ads, we accept images of different sizes up to 200 pixels wide and of varying lengths. We are able to provide stats for the individual pages and their current and historical view counts.

    We also have three spots available in the footer that will appear on every page, as well as one sidebar spot on the home page.

    We have the ability to switch ads out at interval of your choosing and they can run as long as you wish.

    Next Steps

    The quickest way to place your ad is to fill out the form above or send an email to and tell us what you’re interested in. If you send a copy of the ad for approval (no ads with sound, questionable content or seizure-inducing blinking/flashing), it will speed the process up. We’ll follow up as soon as we can.

    Have a Classic Car for Sale?

    We are in the process of creating a free classic car classified community. But until that happens, we are happy to let our followers know about your ride. Click here to send us a message and we’ll get it posted on our site. FOR FREE. If you have something really unique/unusual and want it featured on our homepage, a good way to start would be to ask very nicely.

    Interested in Guest Posting?

    If you’re interesting in writing a guest post for this site, just fill out the form above and let us know what you would like to post about. We do allow “advertise-y” content to some extent – but know that if it is too much, we may require you to “sponsor” the post for at least a year (which, at current rates, would run approximately $6 USD for the year).

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