“O” Auto History

What You’ll Find Here:

A comprehensive list of every two-door car built since 1945 whose make begins with the letter ‘O’.

Cars featured on this page include:

Obvio!: 828.
Ogle: 1.5, SX1000, SX250.
Ohta: Model PA.
Oldsmobile: 76, 98, Series 60, 88, F-85, Starfire, F-85, Cutlass, Jetstar I, Toronado, 442, Delta 88, Omega, Cutlass Ciera, Firenza, Hurst/Olds, Calais, Cutlass Calais, Cutlass Supreme, Achieva, Alero.
Opel: Olympia, Olympia Rekord, Rekord PI, Rekord PII, Kadett A, Rekord A, Kadett B, Rekord B, Commodore A, Olympia A, Rekord C, GT, Ascona A, Manta A, Commodore B, Rekord D, Kadett C, Ascona B, Manta B1, Rekord E, Monza A, Kadett D, Ascona C, Corsa A, Manta B2, Kadett E, Calibra, Astra F, Corsa B, Tigra, Astra G, Corsa C, Speedster, Tigra TwinTop, Astra H, Corsa D, Astra J.
Opes: Ninfea.
Opperman: Unicar, Stirling.
Orca: C113.
ORSA: Spring.
OSCA: MT4, S187, 750S, 2000, 1600GT.
OTAS: Grand Prix.
Oullim: Spirra.

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