Bonhams RAF Museum Highlights

The top sale of Bonhams’ April 30, 2012, sale that took place at the RAF Museum in Hendon, London was a 1957 Bentley S1 Continental. It brought $311,000. Not my favorite Bentley, but the H.J. Mulliner fastback bodywork definitely makes it the looker among S-Type Bentleys.

The two cars we featured, the 1901 Darracq and the 1910 Gladiator, both failed to sell (this is becoming a bad habit). Other top sales included this 1969 AC 428 by Frua. These wonderful British sports cars stand right there with their Italian contemporaries when it comes down to looks (possibly having something to due with it being styled in Italy). It sold for $126,000.

Another car, one that I almost featured, is this 1935 Talbot BA105 Tourer. I’m starting to think Bonhams gets such solid prices because many of their top dollar cars are photographed on lavish English estates. Where cars like this belong. This one sold for $107,000.

About the next car: “What’s this?” you say, “It looks like a dilapidated Mini.” And that’s what it is. But, it is the oldest unrestored Mini. It is the 8th Mini to roll off the line and is technically a 1959 Austin Mini Se7en De Luxe. History has a price and it is $65,000.

For complete results, check out Bonhams’ website.

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