Parisienne Victoria Combination

c.1900 Parisienne Victoria Combination

Offered by Bonhams | Greenwich, Connecticut | June 3, 2012

The Victoria Combination was the most popular model produced by Société Parisienne E. Couturier et Cie of Paris. What began as a bicycle manufacturing company turned to motorized vehicles in 1899 and produced them through 1903. Engines from De Dion-Bouton and Aster were available. The car you see here sports a 2.75 horsepower De Dion.

These were relatively popular in the early days of motoring with about 400 being made. At the time, it would have cost about $600 to purchase one (3,000 francs). And this car is 112 years old – there are only about ten people left on Earth who were alive when this was built! The fact that any car has survived that long should make it near-priceless. It’s an antique – but one you can use as this one appears to be in great shape. Plus, how many other front-wheel drive cars can you think of made prior to, say, a Cord L-29? Not many, I’m guessing.

The pre-sale estimate for this rare and interesting early car is $50,000-$70,000. You don’t exactly see these everyday. To read the complete lot description, click here. And for more from Bonhams in Connecticut, click here.

Update: Sold $56,160.

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