Abarth OT 1300

1966 Abarth OT 1300

Offered by Oldtimer Galerie International | Zurich, Switzerland | June 10, 2012

Photo – Oldtimer Galerie

Carlo Abarth is mainly known for his hot rod Fiats, but he also built cars of his own – well, kind of. He constructed his own cars, usually using bits and pieces of other cars. The one you see here is based on a SIMCA chassis with SIMCA and Fiat parts and a 1.3-liter, four-cylinder engine based on a SIMCA design, but built at a race shop in Italy. It makes 140 horsepower and can do a little more than 150 mph.

Between 1965 and 1966, 50 examples of the OT 1300 were built. There were also OT 1000, OT 1600, and OT 2000 models (I’m not sure of their production numbers off-hand). All OT models were intended for the track when built, however this particular car is road-legal (and in Switzerland at that).

Personally, I quite like the styling and the competition history of the model makes it seem like a performer (the OT 1300 won its class at Le Mans). I wouldn’t mind taking one for a spin. But I’m not sure if I can afford it – as the estimate is “on request.” Perhaps it’s my fault that the two cars I picked from this sale were the only two with “on request” estimates. Then again, they were the pick of the litter.

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