Factory Five GTM

2007 Factory Five GTM

Offered by Mecum | Anaheim, California | November 17, 2012

Well here’s something different. It’s not quite a classic car but it’s still interesting. Factory Five Racing is a Massachusetts-based company that is known primarily for their Shelby Cobra replicas. Sometime around 2006 they introduced this: the GTM.

The car was intended to be a kit car. This one was “professionally built” – likely by a hot rod shop or some such similar business – and not in some dude’s garage, like the term “kit car” lends one to imagine. The mechanical bits are from GM and Porsche – it has a Porsche transaxle and a mid-mounted LS3 engine from a C5 Corvette. The 6.2-liter unit makes 500 horsepower in this car, enough to scoot it to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds.

It’s a super-quick car that has vaguely GT40-ish looks (but different enough that Ford can’t collect). That said, it does look like a kit car and as fast as it is or as cool as it may look or as bargain basement the price may seem (because of its outstanding performance) – it will never be as desirable as a production sports car. The kits ran about $20 grand and a fully built car will run you about $60,000. For more information click here. And for more from Mecum in Anaheim, click here.

Update: Not sold.

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