Ford Model R

1907 Ford Model R

For Sale at Hyman Ltd | St. Louis, Missouri

1907 Ford Model R

Boy am I a sucker for white tires. They are so cool. Anyway, last week we featured a Ford Model S, and when I saw that this was for sale at the same place, I figured I ought to feature it as well, just to round out the entire Ford Model N range, which included Models N, R and S.

The Model N came in 1906 and the R followed in 1907 – being in production only from April through October of that year – so it’s very rare. The difference between the two cars is little. Both used a 15 horsepower 2.4-liter straight-four. The Model R was basically just a trim package: the body was a little bigger, it had fuller fenders, running boards and an oil lamp. The price was $750, as opposed to $600 for the N. Originally, all were red, but this one has been repainted in a pleasing combination of green and cream when it was restored.

Only 2,500 Model Rs were built in the one year they were in production (and it wasn’t even a full year at that). It’s a rare example of the pre-Model T affordable Ford (see what I did there?). It can be yours for $64,500. Check out more here.

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