Opel GT

1972 Opel GT

Offered by Barrett-Jackson | Palm Beach, Florida | April 4, 2013

1972 Opel GT

The Opel GT was one of three Opels that have ever been sold in the United States under the Opel marque. It was sold in Europe as well, of course. It was a sports car – new territory for Opel when it went on sale in 1968. The body has been compared to that of the 1968 Corvette – but smaller.

There were a number of differences between the limited years that these cars were built. The first year, a number of them were hand-built. The next set of cars had a smaller 1.1-liter engine and only about 3,500 of those were built. Then production ramped up and a total of about 103,000 were built by the end of production in 1973. The car you see here uses a 1.9-liter straight four that makes 102 horsepower.

These were sold in the U.S. so they are out there – but they aren’t all that common. This car was never completely restored, but just restored-as-needed and it looks great. The paint is new, as are some trim bits and pieces. It sold new for $3,400 and today it sits as a $7,000-$14,000 car. Click here for more info and here for more from Barrett-Jackson in Palm Beach.

Update: Sold $6,050.

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