American Austin Pickup

1933 American Austin Pickup

Offered by Bonhams | Greenwich, Connecticut | June 2, 2013

1933 American Austin Pickup

Maybe I’m slow, but it wasn’t until I really looked at this little pickup that it dawned on me that American Austins really were just Austin Sevens (don’t judge me). Most of the convertibles that you see have two-tone “Sweep Panel” faux-Duesenberg paint job. It makes them look way fancier than the “British Model T” that the Austin Seven really is.

Anyway, this pickup is probably my favorite American Austin/Bantam that I’ve ever seen. Part of that is the weathered paint (okay, a lot of it is the weathered paint) – but there’s just something about the proportions of this truck that really appeals to me. The pickup variant was made in very small numbers and only a few survive today. It uses the same 747cc straight-four that all American Austins were blessed with. It made almost 14 horsepower. It is being sold “as is, no reserve” with an estimate between $15,000-$20,000. Click here for more info.

Update: Sold $9,350.

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