1912 Stimula

1912 Stimula Roadster

Offered by Coys | Graz, Austria | October 12-13, 2013

1912 Stimula Roadster

Stimula was founded by two brothers – Guy and Carl de la Chappelle – in the Gier Valley in France in 1907. They started with motorcycles and three-wheelers for a few years before the car business really got going.

At the beginning, Stimula, unlike many contemporary French manufacturers who used engines from De Dion-Bouton, designed and built their own engines. But by the second decade of the 20th century, they went scrambling for De Dion engines as well, as this car uses a 1.7-liter De Dion straight-four. The cars were light and handy in competitive events like hillclimbs.

Stimula built over 1,000 cars before WWI shut the business down in 1914. Xavier de la Chappelle, a great-nephew of Carl and Guy, resurrected the Stimula name in the 1970s to build the de la Chappelle Bugatti replica. You can read more about this recently restored car here and check out the rest of this auctions lineup here.

Update: Sold for about $25,800.

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