Venturi 400 Trophy

1992 Venturi 400 Trophy

For sale at DPM Motors | Monaco

Photo - DPM Motors

Photo – DPM Motors

If you haven’t noticed, we tend to feature a fair amount of supercars around here. We especially like the low-volume ultra-rare kind you only find squirreled away in Europe somewhere – just like this Venturi 400 Trophy.

Venturi still exists, though their main focus today is more on electrifying existing vehicles today than on supercar production. There were two 400 models: the GT and the Trophy. While the GT was the rarer, road-going version, the 400 Trophy was actually built for a one-make racing series.

The Trophy cars were built between 1992 and 1994, with 73 being created. They are powered by a mid-mounted twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 making 400 horsepower. This particular car is fitted with a passenger seat and lacks any sort of decals that mark it as a racing car.  This leads me to believe that it can probably be road-registered in Europe (Venturis were never sold in the States). At any rate, it won’t come cheap. But you can find out more here.

One thought on “Venturi 400 Trophy

  1. I used to own a Venturi 400 Trophy, 7th made in Blue & white. It was very exciting to drive, being very powerful. The only concern with this car, is that it had an habit of losing grip around corners and on the straight it felt a bit wobble, due to the tail being so high up. I sent it away to have a new gear box, and the guy couldn’t fit the chassis parts back, due to, too much corrosion everywhere. I was very sad, and let it go for £5000.
    Overall, it cost me an arm and a leg to keep it running, and it was forever having problems ( A MONEY PIT )

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