TVR Sagaris

2007 TVR Sagaris

Offered by Silverstone Auctions | Silverstone, U.K. | July 21-22, 2018

Photo – Silverstone Auctions

TVRs are wild – wild in design, appearance, and demeanor. The Sagaris might be the ultimate example of this. And it kind of makes sense that it would be, as it was the final new TVR model introduced before the company fizzled out under Russian ownership.

First shown at the 2004 Birmingham Motor Show, the Sagaris went on sale in 2005 and by 2006 the company was barely in existence so this model had but one year to make its mark. The car features a 4.0-liter straight-six that makes 406 horsepower. Sixty arrives in 3.7 seconds and the car tops out at 185 mph. Despite important EU regulations and recommendations, there is no ABS. No airbags. No traction control. It’s a monster. Oh, and in keeping with TVRs weird sense of design, the rear spoiler is clear and the dual rear exhausts point to the sides. Why not?

With fewer than 200 units produced, the car is quite rare. I remember seeing one for sale in Chicago a few years ago – but its unclear how that car could possibly be in this country legally. The example you see here has been owned by members of the TVR Club UK and is freshly serviced and ready to run. It should bring between $85,000-$100,000. Click here for more info and here for more from this sale.

Update: Not sold.

One thought on “TVR Sagaris

  1. When you discuss the TVR Griffith 400 please remind the buyers that a Griffith 400 beat the entire field of Ferrari’s, GTO and LM’s); Shelby AC Cobras, Bizzarini’s, E- Jaguars (Lightweights, aero, and regular), Lotus Elans S-2’s considered to be one of the best handling car’s of the sixties, and the rest of the field at the 2017,Graham Hill Trophy, 75MM, 60’s, GT’s, race.

    It can be seen on U-tube. It’s a great race, and demonstrates to the world what a well prepared TVR Griffith 400 can do to twelve cylinder Ferrari’s and Cobras. Mike Whitacre and Mike Jordan were the Griffith’s drivers.

    I only wish that Jack Andrew Griffith (RIP) and his wife Marge had seen his car beat Shelby’s Cobras. At one time he did tell Carroll Shelby that he could built a car that could beat his AC Cobras.

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