Stanley Semi-Racer

1907 Stanley Model K Semi-Racer

Offered by RM Sotheby’s | Hershey, Pennsylvania | October 4-5, 2023

Photo Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

The Stanley Motor Carriage Company remains a well-known entity today due to their Stanley Steamer motorcars. The Stanley Brothers designed an early steam car and sold the rights to Locomobile. From their they ventured out onto their own. Their first cars were sold in 1901, and six short years later came this.

The Model K was one of seven models offered in 1907. It was only sold in this Semi-Racer body style, which was kind of like a steam-powered sports car for the time. Only 26 examples of the Semi-Racer were built over a few years. Most of the surviving cars, including this one, are “assembled” cars using some Stanley parts and a lot of re-created parts.

It’s essentially a recreation with some authentic parts. But for cars that are 110-years-old, it’s kind of the only way some of them can still exist. In 1907, this would’ve been a 25-horsepower car. In 2023, it’s an $80,000-$100,000 car. Click here for more info.

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