Trabant 600

1963 Trabant 600

Offered by Dorotheum | Salzburg, Austria | October 21, 2023

Photo – Dorotheum

This has to be the nicest Trabant in the world. It looks to be in far better condition than they ever were when new. The body is made of a type of industrial plastic reinforced with fabric waste. The chassis is steel, though. When new, they all had dull colors. This one looks pretty chipper in red and white.

The 600 (or P60) model was offered between 1962 and 1964. It was the second Trabant model that carried over its predecessors (better) looks and previewed the third gen’s mechanicals, the latter of which were a 595cc two-stroke twin and a four-speed manual transmission. Output was 22 horsepower. It could do about 60 mph.

This obviously restored example has a snazzy sunroof and wing mirror. Over 100,000 of these were built, and this one has an estimate of $8,400-$13,000. Click here for more info.

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