Bonhams 2012 Beaulieu Sale Highlights

We featured three cars from Bonhams September 8, 2012 sale held at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire. The Waldron Wayfarer was withdrawn. The Wolseley Seven sold for $18,774 and the 1913 Humberette brought $36,809. Top sale went to a 1925 Bentley 3/4.25-Litre Speed Model Red Label Tourer for $253,000.

1925 Bentley 3/4½-Litre Speed Model Red Label Tourer

Right behind that was this 1927 Bugatti Type 40 Roadster for $239,000.

There were a pair of interesting Delages at this auction, first: a 1913 Type R4 Two-Seat Raceabout (first below) for $68,000. And then a 1938 D6-70 Tourer with coachwork by Coachcraft. It (second below) sold for $82,800.

1913 Delage Type R4 Two Seater 'Raceabout'

1938 Delage D6-70 Tourer  Coachwork by Coachcraft

Other cars of interest included this 1910 Star 15hp Tourer. This is from the British Star Motor Company – entirely separate from the American marque of the same name that operated during the same period. This big touring car brought $57,000.

As far as oddball cars go, this 1958 Merry Olds Runabout is a 1950s replica of a Curved-Dash Oldsmobile from around 1902. There were a couple of companies that built such cars in the 1950s. This one was built by The Air Products Corporation of Ft. Lauderdale. These were not kit cars, but actual low-volume production cars with a throwback look. Now, why anyone would’ve wanted it for anything other than a novelty, I don’t know. I guess it would be nice to have the disposable income to buy a novelty car. It sold for $12,800.

1958 Merry Olds Runabout

And finally, there was this amazingly-sporty 1935 Riley 1.5-Litre Kestrel. This thing looks mean. The low-slung drophead coupe body was custom built during restoration and no doubt looks better than the saloon body it replaced. It sold for $99,100.

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