Figoni et Falaschi Bentley

1947 Bentley Mark IV Coupe by Figoni et Falaschi

Offered by Bonhams | Scottsdale, Arizona | January 16, 2014

1947 Bentley Mk IV Coupe by Figoni et Falaschi

There’s nothing too remarkable about the Bentley Mark VI. It’s not a car that stands out to me as brilliant or beautiful or anything special other than it being an old, post-war luxury sedan. That is, until you have one of the most prestigious coachbuilders in history slap one of their windswept bodies onto it.

The Mark VI was introduced in 1946 and lasted through 1952. This car uses the 4.25-liter straight-six making about 132 (or “adequate”) horsepower. In total, 5,208 were built in various bodystyles.

This car was built for a Parisian who used it to commute to Monaco. It was originally dark gray and it came to America in 1964 – where it has been since. It was restored in 1990 – and painted red – when it showed up and won Best in Class at Pebble Beach. In 2012 it was repainted black – which is a much better color than red for this car.

According to Bonhams (and Joseph Figoni’s son Claude), this is the only “true” (not sure what that means) post-war Bentley bodied by Figoni et Falaschi. It’s certainly striking and it’s certainly the only one like it in the world. It should sell for between $500,000-$650,000. Click here for more info and here for the rest of Bonhams’ auction lineup.

Update: Sold $605,000.

4 thoughts on “Figoni et Falaschi Bentley

  1. The provenance you have on this car is all incorrect. The chassis was built in 1950, coachwork finished by Fagoni et Falashi in 1952 and delivered to one a VERY prominent mid eastern king. Its original color was a midnight green and had a cloth not leather interior.My father imported the car to U.S.A in 1961 and showed it at Pebble Beach in 1964 and won best in class

  2. I really find it odd that this was overlooked as the cars value to the Royal Family is 10X the last sale price.

    Robert OMea

    Farouk of Egypt

    • Hi Robert, what evidence have you got that this car was owned by King Farouk please – I am researching Rolls-Royce & Bentley owned in Africa, but have not come across this car having been in Egypt – The records show the car was delivered to a J, Rodriquez in France in 1947, by 1950 it was back in the UK registered OUA 327. Thanks Wayne Kennerley (Member RROC)

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