Stutz SV-16

1930 Stutz SV-16 Monte Carlo by Weymann

Offered by RM Sotheby’s | Amelia Island, Florida | March 12, 2016

Photo - RM Sotheby's

Photo – RM Sotheby’s

Harry C. Stutz’s motor company was one of America’s finest in pre-war America. Right there with Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg, it was a flag-carrier for Indiana’s motor industry. Their eight-cylinder models were introduced in 1926 and by the time the Depression rolled around, some of these cars had become fabulously expensive and stylish.

The SV-16 – also called the Model MB – is powered by a 5.3-liter straight-eight making 115 horsepower. It was Stutz’s premier offering in 1930 and the Monte Carlo body style by Weymann was one of a few “European” styles that could be had.

It is thought that three SV-16 Monte Carlos were built in 1930. Costing $4,495 when new, they have appreciated significantly in value with this car carrying a pre-sale estimate of $550,000-$650,000. It has an RM restoration and is an award-winner. Click here for more info and here for more from this sale.

Update: Sold $550,000.

Update: Not sold, Bonhams Quail 2019.