DAF YA 126

1957 DAF YA 126

Offered by H&H Auctions | Buxton, U.K. | May 24, 2012

DAF, the Dutch truck manufacturer, is primarily known among car-types as the company that built small family cars in the 1960s – like the Daffodil. They were also the first company to sell a car with a Continuously Variable Transmission – that soul-sucking device used to improve fuel mileage.

Well, they built trucks first and continue to do so as a subsidiary of PACCAR, the Washington-state-based heavy-duty truck conglomerate. They have also been building military vehicles such as this for the Dutch military for many years.

This is a YA 126 – which isn’t as much as a model name as it is the first few digits of the chassis number. It is a popular truck among militaria collectors – there is a DAF YA 126 club in the Netherlands. In some ways it’s similar to the American “deuce and a half.” This truck is powered by a 4.6-liter straight-six that is described on H&H’s website as “meaty.” It has permanent four-wheel drive and is a canvas-topped troop carrier – with room in the back for six of your friends.

So if you’re in the market for cheap, fun way to, I don’t know… say, roll up to a paintball match in style – then this is your truck. It’s estimated to sell for between $6,400-$8,000. For the complete catalog description click here. For the rest of the H&H lineup at Pavilion Gardens, click here.

Update: Sold $4,900.