Auctions America Auburn Spring Sale Highlights

Auctions America’s three-day spring sale in Auburn, Indiana, (held last weekend) saw more than 170 cars sell for a wide variety of prices. Top sale was a 1930 Duesenberg Model J Boattail Speedster. The car is a re-creation, but uses an original engine (J-249). I’m not sure of the car’s history, but it sounds like the original car is no longer extant and this one was built around the original mechanicals to take the place of the lost car. It sold for $484,000, which is a lot less than it would have cost were it the real deal. Still looks amazing, though.

Both of our feature cars sold. The awesome Mercury Marauder Concept Convertible brought $51,700 and the De Tomaso Mangusta sold for $75,900. We also featured an Avelate Corvette, which either didn’t sell or was withdrawn as I couldn’t find it in the results.

Another big sale was a 1969 Hemi Dodge Charger, one of only 119 built in 1969 with that monster engine. It’s white and entirely unassuming – perfect for a car that will take just about anything at the stoplight. It sold for $130,000.

Other interesting sales included this 1995 Lola T9500-HU24 Cosworth XB Indy car. It was driven by Scott Sharp to 10th place in the 1996 Indy 500 for A.J. Foyt Racing and by Eddie Cheever in 1995. It is a complete, running Indy car with Indy 500 history. It sold for $62,700.

Finally, from the bargain bin (sort of), is this 1956 Pontiac Star Chief Catalina Custom. The second-generation Star Chief is one of my favorite Pontiacs and it’s such a great-looking car with those two chrome strips running the length of the hood. This one has a 5.2-liter V8 and appears to be in great shape. It sold for $14,300. For complete results (and to see what cars are still available), click here.

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