March 711

1971 March-Ford-Cosworth 711

Offered by Coys | London, U.K. | December 2, 2014

Photo - Coys

Photo – Coys

By 1971, March was a force in motor racing, having only been around since 1969. They built cars for their own team, but they also sold customer cars for a handful of different series’ around the world. March continued building cars into the 1990s.

This car, the March 711, was the team’s machine for 1971. It never won any races, but it was competitive and had multiple podiums. The aerodynamics were designed by Frank Costin and the competition history for this chassis includes:

  • 1971 South African Grand Prix – 10th (with Ronnie Peterson)
  • 1971 Spanish Grand Prix – 18th, DNF (with Peterson)
  • 1971 Monaco Grand Prix – 2nd (with Peterson)
  • 1971 Dutch Grand Prix – 4th (with Peterson)
  • 1971 British Grand Prix – 21st, DNF (with Mike Beuttler)
  • 1971 German Grand Prix – 19th, DSQ (with Beuttler)
  • 1971 Austrian Grand Prix – 17th, DNF (with Niki Lauda)
  • 1971 Italian Grand Prix – 13th, DNF (with Beuttler)
  • 1971 Canadian Grand Prix – 17th, NC (with Beuttler)

This is a very cool looking car and it’s powered by a Ford-Cosworth 3.0-liter V-8. It’s an ex-Lauda and ex-Peterson car from one of the golden eras of Formula One. Click here for more info and here for the rest of this sale’s lineup.

S/N: 711-2

Update: Not sold.

Update II: Not sold, RM Sotheby’s Monaco 2016.

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