Goggomobil TS300

1962 Goggomobil TS300 Coupe

Offered by Barrett-Jackson | Scottsdale, Arizona | January 14-22, 2017

Photo – Barrett-Jackson

The TS was Goggomobil’s Coupe. Three different models were offered over the lifespan of the model, with the TS300 being in the middle, power-wise. The car was introduced in 1957 and was more expensive than the sedan counterpart. This car was sold in France as the Glas Isard.

More expensive than the sedan, the coupes are much rarer, with only 66,511 having been built. The TS300 is powered by a 293cc straight-twin making almost 15 horsepower. Top speed was between 53 and 59 mph (depending on wind and road grade, perhaps?) and this one is street legal in the U.S. It’s in good shape and you can see more about it here and more from Barrett-Jackson here.

Update: Sold $12,100.

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