Tyrrell 020B

1991 Tyrrell 020B

Offered by Bonhams | Brussels, Belgium | May 13, 2023

Photo – Bonhams

Ken Tyrrell’s Formula One racing team had been around since the 1960s and entered the 1990s already struggling. The 1971 constructor’s champion was a far cry from the peak. Their 020 chassis was designed by Harvey Postlethwaite and George Ryton and debuted for the 1991 season.

For that year, the car had a Honda V10 powerplant. For 1992, they upgraded the 020 (including this chassis, 020-6), to 020B spec, which meant that it now used 3.5-liter Ilmor V10 that made 680 horsepower. The competition history for this car includes:

  • 1991 Canadian Grand Prix – 10th (with Satoru Nakajima)
  • 1991 Mexican Grand Prix – 12th (with Nakajima)
  • 1991 French Grand Prix – 22nd, DNF (with Nakajima)
  • 1991 British Grand Prix – 8th (with Nakajima)
  • 1991 German Grand Prix – 18th, DNF (with Nakajima)
  • 1991 Hungarian Grand Prix – 15th (with Nakajima)
  • 1991 Belgian Grand Prix – 23rd, DNF (with Nakajima)
  • 1991 Italian Grand Prix – 19th, DNF (with Stefano Modena)
  • 1991 Portuguese Grand Prix – 18th, DNF (with Modena)
  • 1991 Spanish Grand Prix – 16th (with Modena)
  • 1991 Japanese Grand Prix – 16th, DNF (with Nakajima)
  • 1991 Australian Grand Prix – 26th, DNF (with Nakajima)

For 1992, it was used as a spare car for seven races. It later entered private ownership – sans V10 – and is offered as a roller out its current collection, where it’s been since 2003. The estimate is $55,000-$77,000. Click here for more info.

Update: Sold $67,054.

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