Charron Charronette

1922 Charron Charronette

Offered by Bonhams | Oxford, U.K. | March 2, 2013

1922 Charron Charronette

European cars from the 1920s are tiny. Look how narrow the engine compartment is! Is there even anything in there? It’s an oddly proportioned machine, that’s for sure – but it’s a cyclecar and being a tiny little car was what it was all about.

Charron began life as C.G.V., but when the “G” left the company, they renamed it Charron (this happened in 1906). Charron, the namesake of the company, left in 1908 – but the company soldiered on without him until 1930. The Charronette cyclecar appeared in 1914 and lasted until 1930, although it grew a little bit over the years.

This is a post-WWI Charronette, so it uses a 1.1-liter straight-four. The Charronette was the most popular model from Charron although I’m unsure as to how many still exist or even how many were originally built. This one is largely original. It’s noted that the reverse gear is inoperable and it’s expected to sell for between $11,000-$14,000. Click here for more info and here for the rest of Bonhams’ lineup at this sale.

Update: Sold $12,150.