Delaney Delta

1954 Delaney Delta

Offered by Osenat | Fontainebleau, France | June 14, 2015

Photo - Osenat

Photo – Osenat

Delaney Gallay, still in business as Gallay Ltd, traces its roots back to Jean Gallay in Switzerland in 1911. The Delaney family joined the company (or bought it, or something) at some point and it moved to the north of London. The company has built car parts for a long time and still manufactures bits and pieces for companies like Caterpillar, McLaren, and BAE.

Eric Delaney was part of Delaney Gallay and he built the above car. He had a chassis built by John Griffiths and attached a 1.2-liter Ford straight-four. The hand-fabricated aluminium body work was built at Delaney Gallay.

Delaney raced the car for a few years before letting it sit. It was sold in 1970 and rediscovered in the 80s. A small restoration was carried out to repair what was needed and at that time, the car was green. It has since been stripped to bare aluminium and is race ready. It’s the only one like it anywhere and it could be yours. Click here for more info and here for the rest of this sale’s lineup.

Update: Not sold.