Nuffield Oxford Taxi

1949 Nuffield Oxford Taxi

Offered by Mecum | Kissimmee, Florida | January 4, 2022

Photo – Mecum

The Nuffield Organization was the umbrella company that owned Morris, Wolseley, Riley, MG, SU carburetors, and other concerns. It was set up in 1943 and was replaced in name by BMC in 1952. Wolseley (and Morris Commercial) designed a taxi for post-war use in London and introduced it in 1947.

It was initially produced as a Wolseley at their plant until mid-1949, when production shifted to a new Nuffield plant. Cars built there were actually badged as Nuffields – the only such car to wear that name (there were also Nuffield tractors). Power is from a 1.8-liter Morris Commercial inline-four rated at 15 horsepower.

Production bumbled along until 1953, when new BMC management preferred to keep the Austin FX3 in production instead, killing off the Nuffield Taxi after only 1,926 had been made (including Wolseleys). Only three are known to exist. Click here for more info.

Update: Sold $15,400

Update: Sold, Bring a Trailer Auctions March 2023, $18,570