Woodill Wildfire

1953 Woodill Wildfire Series II

Offered by Worldwide Auctioneers | Auburn, Indiana | August 31-September 1, 2012

Like the Californian featured yesterday, this is another 1950s fiberglass special. Well not really a “special” as it did enter production – in fact, 1953 was the first year for Robert Woodill’s sports car. It came assembled from the factory or could be had as a kit. Series II Cars were Ford based – although mechanicals from other manufacturers were used on occasion (Series I cars had Willys engines). This one has a 3.3-liter Ford V8. The car also only weighs 1,600 pounds, so it should be a performer.

The Wildfire was among the first all-fiberglass sports cars available – barely beating the Corvette to market. Only 24 are believed to have been built – 15 Series I (Willys-based) cars and nine Series II cars. This is the second-to-last Series II car built and one of only two known to exist. Woodill also sold between 100-300 kits.

This car is all-original, having been maintained since the 1970s by a Corvette collector familiar with early fiberglass sports cars. It has only covered 1,602 miles in its life. I’ve seen another Wildfire for sale a few years ago and it was red. I like this one in white better. It could be mine – or yours – for $110,000-$140,000. For the complete lot description, click here. For the rest of Worldwide’s Auburn lineup, click here.

Update: Sold $66,000.