“I” Auto History

What You’ll Find Here:

A comprehensive list of every two-door car built since 1945 whose make begins with the letter ‘I’.

Cars featured on this page include:

I.F.A.: F8, F9.
IKA: Torino.
Ilinga: AF-2.
Imperial: Newport, Crown, LeBaron, Coupe.
Indigo: 3000.
Infiniti: M30, G35 Coupe, G37.
Innocenti: A40, 950 Spider, 1100 Spider, Mini Cooper 1300, 90, 120, De Tomaso, Koral, Mille.
Intermeccanica: Titania Veltro 1500, Omega, Torino, Italia, Centaur, Indra.
Invicta: Black Prince, S1.
IOTA: 350 Sport.
Isdera: Spyder, Imperator 108i, Commendatore 112i, Autobahnkurier 116i.
Iso: Isetta, Rivolta, Grifo, Lele.
Isuzu: Bellett, Wasp, 177 Coupe, Bellett Gemini, Gemini, Piazza, Impulse, I-Mark, PA Nero.
Italdesign: Aztec, Cala.
IVM: C12.

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Packard Twin Six

1916 Packard Twin Six 1-25 Seven-Passenger Touring

Offered by Gooding & Company | Lynchburg, Virginia | April 7, 2023

Photo – Gooding & Company

In 1915, Packard offered one line of cars: the 3-38 six. The next year, the six was dead. Instead, they doubled it to the Twin Six – which was Packard’s first V12. This car is the beginning of Packard’s legendary pre-war V12 lineup that would last through 1923 before reappearing for 1933-1939.

The engine is a 6.9-liter V12 that was rated at 88 horsepower. Two different wheelbases were offered, with this example being on the shorter 125″ wheelbase. On this chassis, nine different body styles were offered.

This seven-passenger tourer has known ownership history since new and has been in static storage for some time. Fun fact, there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the catalog that essentially says “this car may or may not come with a title, good luck.” At $60,000-$80,000, good luck indeed. Click here for more.

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