Porsche Twin-Grille Roadster

1962 Porsche 356B 1600S Twin-Grille Roadster

Offered by Bring a Trailer Auctions | October 2023

Photo – Bring a Trailer

The Porsche 356 Speedster is a sought after collector car. It was eventually replaced by the Porsche 356 Convertible D. The Convertible D, in turn, was replaced by the 356B Roadster in 1960.

In 1962, Porsche introduced the T6 body style, which brought two engine lid grilles, a widened front trunk lid, and a fuel door that shifted to the right-front fender. The Roadster’s final year was 1962, which means the twin-grille roadster was only available for one year. And only 248 were built, all with coachwork by D’Ieteren Freres.

This example is powered by a 1.6-liter Super flat-four that was rated at 75 horsepower. It was refreshed 15-20 years ago and is now available on Bring a Trailer for the second time. Click here for more info.

Porsche 356B by Beutler

1961 Porsche 356B Super Coupe by Beutler

Offered by Gooding & Company | Amelia Island, Florida | March 6, 2020

Photo – Gooding & Company

The 356B was built by Porsche between 1960 and 1963 and featured styling and technical advances compared to earlier cars. This particular example is one of five constructed by Beutler of Switzerland. It’s… bookish.

Power is from a 1.6-liter flat-four good for 75 horsepower. Design cues for this four-seat coupe include a larger greenhouse and a flat rear deck, both striking features when compared to the standard, quite round, 356. The two-tone paint is also a win.

This is believed to be the one that Beutler showed at the 1960 Geneva Motor Show. The rare coachbuilt bodywork really runs the price up, though. You’re looking at a pre-sale estimate of $400,000-$600,000 to take this home. Click here for more info and here for more from this sale.

Update: Sold $395,500.

Porsche 912 Prototype

1965 Porsche 356B/912 Coupe Prototype

Offered by Mecum | Monterey, California | August 18-20, 2016

Photo - Mecum

Photo – Mecum

Porsche really hasn’t produced that many different models over the years (by name, at least). So imagine trying to restore one and you go out and buy a parts car only to discover that it is one of six original factory prototypes for the car you are restoring. Guess what: you change the focus on the car you are restoring. That’s what happened to the discoverer of this car.

Anyway, the Porsche 911 was introduced to replace the 356 in 1963. Porsche 356 production continued through 1965 and to hedge its bet on the new six-cylinder 911, Porsche introduced the four-cylinder 912 as they phased out the 356. It was basically a 911 body with a 356 engine in it. This car carries an engine from a 1964 model year 356SC. That means it is a 1.6-liter flat-four making 95 horsepower.

The 912 isn’t nearly as collectible as the 911 (and never will be). They are still in the price realm of mere mortals, but they won’t be forever. But what will always be high-priced and collectible are numbers-matching factory prototypes of legendary sports cars. This fits that bill. Only two of these survive, so here’s your chance. Click here for more info and here for more from this sale.

Update: Not sold, high bid of $600,000.